3 WAYS to Improve the lifespan of your car battery

3 WAYS to Improve the lifespan of your car battery


Your car battery is expected to last for about six years, with the improved modern models we now have.

However, this is only possible if you understand how to care for your car battery.

The main problem of car batteries over time is often poor maintenance and negligence on your part as the car owner.

How to Enhance your car battery Life

Here are some things you can do to improve the life of your batteries even if you’re already using electric car.

Minimize the use of its sound system, Lights while your car is at rest

The most common way people mismanage their car battery is to use the car stereo while in the compound.

Also, leaving the headlights on without the engine running.

While an active engine is supplied with power by burning fue, the stereo or headlights use the battery charges when the engine is off.

Although this is good for short splashes, powering it from the battery can risk draining the battery completely.

Although some vehicles have warning indicators to let you know if you have turned off headlights, for example, it should be a routine part of driving to check all electronic devices before leaving the vehicle.

If you are using something like the audio system while the car is in neutral, make sure the engine is turned on every few minutes.

This will power the battery and reduce the drain on the charge.

Take the Car Maintenance serious

It is a common problem that corrosion forms on car batteries, especially on the battery terminals.

Even if the battery is still good, this has the bad effect of limiting the current flow.

Fortunately, you can remove the corrosion yourself either with a screwdriver or pliers.

Mild and moderate cases can be treated at home, but more serious cases may require the help of a car repair expert.

For your convenience, repair smith is a leading mobile car repair company that can help with your vehicle maintenance.

You don’t only get your car repaired, you’ll also get advice on how to improve the lifespan of the car.

It is important to keep a battery clean, regardless of how much you use the vehicle.

If you are not driving the car everyday, the engine should still be run regularly.

If you turn the engine on and run it for a few minutes every week, make sure the battery is sufficiently active to last.

Disconnect the battery completely when you will not be using it for months.

Also remember to keep a manual charger in the car with you if you think it might be a problem.

Give the Car special Treat in extreme Temperatures

Both too cold and too hot temperature can shorten the life of your battery.

A car at extremely low temperatures can be completely drained overnight if the appropriate precautions are not taken.

Buying a special insulating blanket to wrap around the car battery helps to reduce the effects of the climate.

If you have a garage in your house, you should use it during the colder months.

If you already have a service and maintenance routine for your vehicle, it should be carried out more frequently during the winter season and in colder weather conditions.

Sometimes, it’s more than just checking the peripheral parts of the vehicle, you may need the service of a professional to help manage your car.

If a car is not used in colder months, the engine should be ignited more often.

Cold weather can affect almost every aspect of your car, but the car battery is hit hardest.

If you have particular concerns about your car battery or if the battery light is on, do not hesitate to contact a professional mechanic, such as Repair smith.

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