9 Essentials No Pro Gamer Can Do Without

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Do you dream about becoming a professional gamer one day? This is going to be a lot easier said than done.

There are millions of people who have this same exact dream. You’re going to need to separate yourself from the pack by taking a very specific set of steps.

You’ll need to specialize in one or two games as opposed to trying to get good at a bunch of different games at once. You’ll also need to spend hours (and hours!) playing your preferred games to perfect your skills.

And of course, there are things every gamer needs to transform themselves into pro-level players. You’re going to need to invest in these gaming essentials if you have any chance of taking your gaming aspirations to the next level.

Want to find out what some of these gaming setup essentials are? Continue reading to learn all about the nine things that every game room needs.

  1. Laptop

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the release of the PlayStation 5 in recent weeks—and rightfully so! Both the PS5 and the newest version of the Xbox have whipped gamers into a frenzy by pushing gaming to the limits.

But if you’re going to be a pro gamer, there is a pretty good chance that you’re going to need to do it by playing games on a computer. More specifically, you’re likely going to need a gaming laptop to show your fellow gamers what you’re all about.

Lots of people picked up gaming laptops on black friday this year. Maybe you were one of them.

But if you weren’t, now would be a great way to go ahead and pick one up. You’re going to need something powerful enough to let you play all your favorite games from wherever you want to set up and play them.

  1. Monitor

The screens on gaming laptops have certainly come a long way over the years. Most of them are going to be high-quality enough to handle your gaming demands.

But if you want to make sure that you’re able to see everything that’s going on in a game while you’re set up in your game room, you may want to pick up a large monitor that you can hook your laptop up to. It’ll enhance your vision while you’re playing games and make it simpler for you to navigate your way around.

Monitors for gaming used to cost an arm and a leg. But just like with TVs, the price tags on gaming monitors have gone down quite a bit over time. It’s why you should buy one for yourself even if you’re satisfied with the screen on your gaming laptop.

  1. External Hard Drive

As we mentioned earlier, you’re probably not going to want to try and play too many games at one time. You’re going to struggle to master games if you don’t devote almost all of your time and energy to them.

But with that being said, you’re likely going to accumulate a bunch of different games on your laptop as you move forward. And you’re going to need to ensure that you have enough space to save all of them so that you can play them when you want.

To make this possible, you should purchase an external hard drive that you can hook up anytime you want to play a game on it. It’ll help you avoid filling up your laptop and making it run slower than it should.

  1. Controller

You can play most games using little more than just a mouse and a keyboard. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to just those things if you can avoid it.

While you might be able to make a mouse and a keyboard work for you, you’re going to put yourself into a much better position to get good at a game by using a controller while playing it. A controller will make it so much easier for you to move around in a game with ease.

There are gaming controllers out there for less than $20 that will get the job done for you. They’ll be an excellent addition to your gaming setup and are one of the main things every gamer needs.

  1. Gaming Chair

You’re not going to turn yourself into a pro gamer by playing a game for an hour or two every night. You’re going to have to spend at least half a dozen hours every day, if not more, playing a game over and over and over again. Practice, as they say, makes perfect.

And while you’re spending all that time parked in front of your gaming laptop, you’re going to be sitting down for the most part. You’re going to get awfully uncomfortable if you don’t have a great gaming chair to sit down in.

You can try to get away with an ordinary office chair at first. But most office chairs are going to become uncomfortable after just a few hours.

At that point, you’re going to wish that you had an ergonomic gaming chair to sit back in and relax. Gaming chairs are specifically designed for those who are going to be spending long hours in front of a monitor playing games.

You should test out some different gaming chairs and try to find the ones that you like best. Don’t underestimate the importance of having access to a comfortable gaming chair.

  1. Headphones

If you live alone, you might not care about blasting whatever game you’re playing through your laptop speakers. You might even want to invest in some heavy-duty surround-sound speakers to broadcast your games throughout your house.

But if you live with other people, it’s going to be a different story. You’re going to want to have a trusty pair of headphones to play your games so that you don’t disturb everyone else.

You’re also going to want headphones that will allow you to chat with your fellow gamers while you’re playing games. You should look for some that have a microphone built right into them so that you can talk to other people as you play.

  1. Webcam

Do you have any plans to let other people watch you while you game? This is something that you might want to consider doing since it’ll give people the impression that you’re a serious gamer.

Twitch has made it possible for gamers of all skill levels to stream themselves while they play. You can get a Twitch stream up and running in under an hour if you want.

But in order to do it, you’re going to want to have a reliable webcam on hand. It should be capable of sending out high-definition videos of you playing your favorite games.

You should also think about buying a high-quality microphone to use during your Twitch streaming sessions. It’ll help you communicate more effectively with those who tune in to your streams.

  1. Fan

Gaming doesn’t seem as though it would be a very intense activity. But ask any pro gamer and they’ll tell you all about how easy it is to work up a sweat while you’re gaming.

To keep your game room on the cooler side, you should set up a fan somewhere in the general vicinity of your gaming chair. It’ll help to cool you off and stop you from sweating so much when you’re in the middle of a marathon gaming session.

You might also want to put in a window air conditioner in your gaming room if you can swing it. It’s another good way to keep yourself cool and comfortable when you’re playing your games.

  1. Microwave and Mini-Fridge

It’s very easy to work up an appetite by playing games for hours on end. It’s also easy to get dehydrated if you don’t make it a point to drink plenty of fluids as you game.

To get around these issues, you might want to stick both a microwave and a mini-fridge in your game room. You can load the fridge up with lots of snacks and beverages so that you always have easy access to food and drinks.

You never know when you’re going to be in the mood for some pizza rolls or an energy drink. You’ll be able to keep these things nearby when you have a microwave and a mini-fridge positioned near your gaming chair.

Invest in All the Things Every Gamer Needs

As you can clearly see, you’re going to need more than a gaming console and a gaming chair to become a pro gamer. There are also many other things every gamer needs.

Pick up as many of the things listed here as you can if your goal is to go pro in gaming one day. They’ll increase your chances of becoming a pro gamer and help you enjoy gaming even more than you already do from now on.

Would you like to get more tips that will help you become a better gamer than you are now? Browse through the other articles found on our blog to track them down.

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