Algorithms Can Monitor & Reduce Energy Waste for You

Algorithms Can Monitor & Reduce Energy Waste for You


Keeping track of things can be pain. The problem is that humans have imperfect measuring systems. One prime example of this is how people dieting are prone to underestimate exactly how many calories they consume. Whether this is from imperfect portion estimates, iffy internal math skills, or overarching societal issues, the result is the same- unintentionally eating more than they realized. This problem escalates the more factors you include; there are calories, carbs, fats, trans. fats, time of day, whether the tv or music is playing. It can easily get out of hand.

What does this have to do with energy? Well, aside from the fact that a calorie is a measurement of energy, many people don’t realize how often they overuse energy, especially in a business setting that has many more factors at play than a residential might have.According to leading energy consultant, Taylor CC, creating an energy budget does not need to be as difficult and intimidating as it can seem. Using proprietary algorithms, Taylor is able to save your business energy spend by finding and taking advantage of hidden efficiencies.

Having an energy consultant that can provide careful, ongoing analysis and effective purchasing saves you money and effort. Time is money and utilizing these programs will save you both, which is essentially money squared.


These algorithms will take the work out of calculating annual budgets, which is a constantly evolving process. Heating alone can alter drastically from year to year. In recent years, the average temperatures have gone to both extremes, up to 20% above the yearly average right down to around 20% below the yearly average. These kinds of alterations are difficult to account for, but make huge differences when budgeting energy.

That is far from the only variable of note when dealing with energy. Other cost components, which can affect 50-60% or more of the overall fixed pricing, include, but are far from limited to, capacity, renewable standards, and transmission. New algorithms can automatically process all of these variables to reduce energy waste as well as reduce the amount you may be overpaying.

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