Bamboo Lanyards: Why Every Environmentally Conscious Company Should Buy Them?

Bamboo Lanyards Why Every Environmentally Conscious Company Should Buy Them


A lanyard is a rope or strap to which important documents like ID card, key, etc. are attached, and is mostly worn around neck or wrist. All of us see lanyards on daily basis, and probably all of us even own one. No matter, if you are working at an office or are a school/college going student, wearing a lanyard is something everyone has experienced.

Now, when we think of lanyards, we imagine it with photo IDs and all, but do we ever think of the material used in making them? Well, most of us don’t. Mostly, lanyards are made of polyester material which is derived from plastic, and thus isn’t biodegradable. Fortunately, there are companies like Custom Earth Promos in Florida which specialize in manufacturing lanyards from eco-friendly materials like cotton, bamboo, corn, etc.

Why buy lanyards made from Bamboo?

With time, companies are trying to reduce their use of non-biodegradable products. If you are too looking forward to do the same, you can right away start using eco-friendly lanyards.

Bamboo lanyards are sustainable alternative to nylon and polyester lanyards. Bamboo being an all-natural and strong material, is used in manufacturing lanyards for environmental conscious companies. After all, it is the fastest growing grass on earth. In fact, some bamboo species are known to shoot up to three feet in about 24 hours.

The bamboo which is used in manufacturing lanyards are grown organically with minimal usage of water. All in all, it is a perfect natural material to make several different products including lanyards.

Better Quality

If you are wondering that by selecting lanyards made from bamboo you will be compromising on quality, the answer is NO. A bamboo lanyard is exactly like normal lanyards made from nylon, and the only difference is they are eco-friendly. They are comfortable, strong and naturally antibacterial. They are durable and thus can withstand the wear and tear of day to day usage.


Yes, they are a little pricey compared to the traditional polyester lanyards, but if you order in bulk, the prices drop significantly. On the other hand, for companies who are concerned about the environment, paying a little more isn’t a big deal.

Personalized lanyards

Just like nylon and polyester lanyards can be custom designed, so can be the ones made from bamboo. You have a variety of options when it comes to selecting the size, width, color, design, and printing. Also, the colors used for printing these lanyards are plant-based, which means it fits in the complete eco-friendly concept.

Furthermore, you can have different personalization options like choice of clip with eco-friendly lanyards as well. They are mostly screen printed to ensure high quality finish and additional designing options.

Lanyards are an extremely important accessory which is used by both – small and big businesses, institutions, etc. If every company opts for environmental friendly lanyards, it will surely make a big deal of difference. Also, ordering these lanyards is pretty much easy. All you have to do is contact Custom Earth Promos, and your eco-friendly lanyards will be right on its way to your office.

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