How to Improve PageSpeed Insights Score

PageSpeed Insights


Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool developed by Google that you can use to calculate and improve the page speed of the site. It evaluates your website and provides you with a score based on the performance of your website. 

It also offers suggestions on what you can do to improve the score. With the help of Google PageSpeed Insights, you can calculate the page speed of both mobile and desktop websites.

This tool is operated by Lighthouse which offers field data and lab data. 

Field data is usually collected from real-world performance users contained within the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) when users try to load a page. It includes metrics such as FCP, LCP, FID, and CLS.

Lab data calculates the speed of a page in a controlled and simulated environment such as a mid-tier device and mobile network. It measures metrics such as the Speed Index, TBT, and TTI. 

You do not need to worry If you are not getting a 100 out of 100 score as it is not a direct indicator of page speed. You may have a fast-loading site without getting a perfect score.

Users also do not care about a perfect score.

They just want to see the content quickly. Thus, it is essential to focus on implementing the suggestions provided by the tool. Based on the suggestions provided by the PageSpeed Insights tool there are some ways to boost your performance score.

Minification is the procedure of fixing or removing duplicated or unrequired data without affecting how a browser operates HTML. It includes eliminating characters, duplications, and unrequired spaces.

Minification of JavaScript, HTM, and CSS reduces the size of these files and enhances the loading speed of the page. Use a plugin such as RabbitLoader to automatically minify the code in WordPress.

Other than that, speeding up the server response time is necessary for improving the site performance. In addition, you should try to eliminate the render-blocking resources that are static files such as CSS, HTML, and fonts to boost your site’s speed.

Large images lead to slow pages and low PageSpeed Insights score. You need to optimize these images which helps in reducing the FCP and LCP and prevents the CLS issues.You can use RabbitLoader, a speed optimization plugin to optimize your whole website in just a few minutes. It provides you with a perfect score in Google PageSpeed Insights.

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