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Managed VPS Services


Your website is finally attracting good traffic. Don’t you think it is time you move to VPS hosting service?

The reason being, your website has outgrown the hosting. Plus, shared hosting doesn’t have the power to handle that many visitors. It has limits in terms of space and resources.

You know that you share the server space with many other users. Are the resources sufficient now? After a while, you need more amount of resources that a shared hosting service may fail to provide.

It can also hinder progress. There are more security and privacy risks. So, to enjoy a private environment where no other user affects your business growth, VPS hosting is essential.

As a beginner, you don’t need much privacy or security. The security is there in shared hosting, but it limits after some time. When you start receiving heavy traffic, the server performance gets down. There are risks of malware threats, hacking attacks and much more.

In that case, the linux VPS server does a good job of hosting safety

What is a VPS Hosting Service?

A VPS server is a hosting service that offers an isolated environment and control over the server. You don’t share server space and resources with others. All of it belongs to you.

The host deploys the physical machine that creates multiple virtual servers and distributes them among thousands of users.

Every user receives a virtual private server. The resources are committed to your website and provide the utmost benefit.

As you get a virtual private server, no other users can impact your website performance in any way. That is one of the advantages of shifting to VPS hosting. You can use the resources as required, manage and control everything related to your server.

If you want to opt for apt VPS hosting services, I believe MilesWeb will be perfect for you. They have helped thousands of websites achieve success through their great hosting solutions

They provide both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. We recommend you go for managed services.

MilesWeb Managed VPS Hosting Services

MilesWeb provides both Linux and Windows VPS hosting services. If you are looking for affordable hosting, MilesWeb is the perfect option.

Their managed VPS hosting services offer a 25% discount. You can get a managed Linux VPS at as low as only Rs. 630/m after a 25% discount. The discount only applies to users who purchase the VPS plan for at least three years. MilesWeb is also known for cheap web hosting Canada.

There are around ten plans with expandable features. Each VPS plan consists of great specifications. Depending on your needs, you can choose one VPS plan.

Managed Windows VPS hosting starts from Rs. 1,260/m after a 25% discount.

VPS server is the best-selling product of MilesWeb. Every bit of resources and features will be yours. Plus, you will enjoy the good benefits of features.

Does MilesWeb Allow Upgradation of Resources?

MilesWeb provides all freedom to upgrade. Whether you want to move to another hosting or upgrade the VPS plan, you are free to.

There is no restriction, and one can enjoy easy upgradation of resources.

Can I Transfer My Data from Another Provider?

Yes, you can. MilesWeb will assist you in migrating your data from another hosting provider. MilesWeb also allows the user to register a new domain or transfer the previous one to MilesWeb.

What all Features does MilesWeb Offer?

MilesWeb offers several features with VPS hosting. You won’t regret purchasing from them.

Full Root Access – MilesWeb VPS hosting services offer full root access to its users. Even if you opted for managed VPS hosting, you get permission to control your server as you want. It allows admin access and customization over the server.

Dedicated IP – You get one unique IP address with a VPS server. You don’t share this address with other users. It separates your website from others and improves efficiency.

SSL Certificate – If you purchase the VPS server from MilesWeb, you get an SSL certificate for free. It secures the data on your website and lets users have a safe browsing experience.

99.99% Uptime – MilesWeb provides guaranteed 99.99% network uptime. Your website will face no downtimes or experience a high bounce rate.

Customer Support  – With managed VPS hosting services, you get 100% customer support. MilesWeb’s team will assist you with all your queries and resolve them as soon as possible.

Unlimited Email Accounts – MilesWeb VPS hosting plans let you create multiple email accounts. You can create as many accounts as you want and use them for business purposes.

Host Unlimited Websites – With MilesWeb VPS server hosting, you can host multiple websites. There are no restrictions to it. You can even host other’s websites on your server and make some income from it.

To Sum Up

PS hosting services enhance the efficiency of the website and manage the traffic well. It ensures better security, performance and speed.

MilesWeb is a leading VPS hosting provider. You can get their services at affordable costs.

There are many plans under VPS hosting, and you can select one as per your requirements. Plus, managed hosting offers a lot of features with its plans. So give it a thought!

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