Steps to Follow When Reselling Books on Amazon



It isn’t late to begin reselling books on Amazon. Actually, AMZ sells over fifty percent of the books sold in the United States alone. It’s one of the best platforms to resell books online; AMZ has flexible pricing options for vendors and various niches, meaning that there’s always an opportunity for new sellers.

The main question asked by beginners is if reselling books on AMZ is worth it.

Is Amazon the Best Platform to Resell Books?

The only way to find out is by trying to resell books on AMZ and see the results. In this article, we look at the steps you need to follow when selling books on AMZ. In this amazon books how to sell used booksguide, we will tell you about the tricks and tips you can use to resell books successfully.

How do you Resell Books on AMZ?

If you want to begin reselling books on AMZ, you need to set approximately 2 hours daily to work on your business.


For you to create a successful business, you require to set aside eleven hours daily to make it work; this translates to approximately two hours daily or even more. If you are seriously planning to make money by reselling books on AMZ, you need to make time to market your products for you to get more clients. Try and create a rock-solid project plan that will make you accountable.

You must answer these 4 questions before starting to resell books on AMZ:

  1. How will you find books to resell?
  2. What shipping method will you use?
  3. What kind of account will you need?
  4. How will you boost your sales on AMZ?

Reselling books is the risk-free option as compared to selling new books. The easiest way to get used books is by selecting them from your library if you have one.  Additionally, you can use the X-Cart ecommerce shopping cart to develop a perfect book store.

You can resell the following books:

  • Niche books
  • Rare finds
  • Textbooks
  • Old editions

Try selling different books since different people prefer reading different niches. Amazon also has a trade-in program in which they purchase back the used books when you want to get rid of them. If you want to identify the books that people want, you can use Amazon’s Keyword Tool to assist you to identify the winning keywords that customers are searching for.

You can also find used books on:

  • Sites such as Facebook, eBay, and Craigslist
  • Thrift stores
  • Retail arbitrage (you can look for eCommerce platforms that sell books at lower prices than Amazon and resell them
  • Look for free books in Facebook groups

Which are the best books to resell on Amazon?

The best way to choose winning books is by checking their BSR (Best Sellers Rank). You can find the particular book’s ranking by looking at its page listing. If it has a lower rank, it means that it’s the book is on high demand.

Final Say

Reselling books on Amazon can prove to be difficult for beginners. However, with proper research and using the right tools, you can be successful.

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