Tempered glass quality – how to verify?

Tempered glass


Prevention is the best medicine, or so goes the saying.

Buying a screen protector is a small investment, which can pay off substantially. It will save you money on incident-related repairs. Even if you’re not accident-prone, one stroke of bad luck on someone else’s part may mean your new phone will be out of commission for some time.

What’s the best solution? Tempered glass! That’s right, with a special glass covering, not only is you free to use your phone exactly as before, but it’s also protected from a lot of other threats. Forget about scratches or temperature-related issues: the right glass covering can withstand the harshest conditions.

Of course, it needs to be authentic, or you may run into durability issues right off the bat. To help you pick the perfect glass covering for your smartphone, First Help Tech has compiled a list of the most useful things to keep in mind as you’re selecting your tempered glass screen cover.

It’s anti-scratch

This incredibly useful property helps your phone always look great! No matter how long ago it was manufactured, with the right amount of care, it can look as good as new. The anti-scratching feature of tempered glass will make sure the screen suffers no scraping or denting.

How to test it out? Take your keys and press them against the glass with medium-light force. Some temporary imprints may show up on the surface, but they should be easily wiped away without too much trouble, leaving the glass covering in mint condition.

Perfectly smooth

Part of the reason you may prefer a tempered glass screen cover, to, say, one made of plastic is the feeling it gives off. The smoothness and clearness of the glass should be identical to the touch when compared to your phone screen’s surface.

Tempered glass

If it’s not sufficiently smooth, meaning it has some rough spots, pay special attention! A low-quality tempered glass cover may negatively affect touch sensitivity! That may lead you to unnecessarily taking your phone to a repair centre or having to replace the cover altogether.

It’s a perfect fit

Tempered glass covers cost a little extra, but they’re worth it for all the benefits they provide. That means, that when you go to apply it over your phone’s screen, it should be the exact right size. There’s a particularly good reason for it too.

As the cover gets applied over your phone, it gets glued to it. So, what happens if it does not fit your phone’s dimensions precisely? These size differences can lead to uneven glueing, the creation of empty spaces in-between, which in turn leads to bigger problems, such as having various particles underneath the glass cover. Getting them out will be a nightmare, and destroy the entire point of having a screen.

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