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Payments-giant Amazon is offering its fraud-detection capability based on machine learning. Are you looking for exceptional merchant services in the UK? Do you need help with a WorldPay contact number? Well, you’re at the right place.

WorldPay Contact Number & Amazon Fraud Detector

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is launching Amazon Fraud Detector with the purpose of sharing its technology with customers to help them enjoy better fraud prevention. Any online merchant can use the new capability through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This new service is developed to use historical data of fraudulent and legitimate transactions. Also, it builds, trains, and uses machine learning models for providing real-time and low-latency fraud risk predictions.

The modern competitive eCommerce environment forces merchants to constantly search for ways to attract and retain more customers. Modern retailers do their best to add new products/services and deliver a better customer experience.On the other hand, fraudsters are constantly working on developing intelligence and expertise so to reach greater success.

So, it’s no wonder that working with a true payment expert that can protect your online transactions is crucially important. For this, you just need to turn to a reputable payments-processor comparison company in the UK that can help you with the safest and cheapest merchant services and information such as a WorldPay contact number.

Global eCommerce & Fraud Prevention

Global eCommerce sales are projected to reach over $4 trillion this year. The online landscape is expected to be the preferred channel for fraudulent activities.

So, you can’t do without preventing eCommerce fraud through high-risk transaction identification. Additionally, it’s crucial to support and protect newer-service delivery experiences.

When it comes to the global fraud detection and prevention, the market accounted for $18.874.3 million in 2018 and is anticipated to further grow a CAGR of 18.4%, thus making up $47.279.7 million by 2024.

Major players in the field are constantly working on building advanced technologies and creating new products so to never stay behind the competitive in the space.

To sum up, Amazon’s Fraud Detector serviceis an opportunity to discover fake registrations and fraudulent activities associated with payment processing. It allows for revealingpotentially fraudulent accounts and enjoy extra verification for those flagged accounts.

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