A poorly made Landing Page can kill all your SEO and Link Building efforts!

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Doing business does not require money alone, it needs wit too. Money can help you build a dorm, but wit alone will help you make people live in it. This same happens in SEO. You might be doing everything right, spending much on SEO agencies, your website is ranking too, and yet the sales are suffering. Why? Although the reasons could be many, one big reason is a poor landing page. It is like you spend a lot on marketing to bring people before your shop, but when they arrive they find something that tells them to run away. Creating a good landing page is a work of art. It is what great SEO and web design agencies like https://digitalwhitelabels.com/services/web-design/ are experts at. We always tell people to invest in this to see sales happening. Money spent well leads to money earned much well. Furthermore, you need to spend on SEO services too – https://digitalwhitelabels.com/ So, this time, let’s discuss Landing Pages at depth and what you might be doing wrong.

The journey from Links to Landing Pages to Large Sales!

The thing that most people stay ignorant of is that leading people from the thought of buying to buying at the end is an art. When you write content on the web and add inbound links to your website, you aim at bringing those users a step closer to buying your product or service. This is what Landing Pages do. They act as a bridge between thought and action.

What are Landing Pages?

Landing Page is a standalone page in your website. It gets created for the purpose of gaining leads and then converting them to buyers.

Let us make it clear to you using an example from a real-life situation. Suppose you have a shop that sells delicious muffins. Then the landing page would be your storefront that is luring customers to make a decision. Or it would be the salesperson inside your shop that would attend to the customers and try leaning them towards a purchase. These are a few examples amongst the many.

Similarly, Landing Pages have the same sort of job when we talk about the internet. Here everything interaction happens at a virtual level, but the concepts remain the same.

But here is a thing to take care of – because customers stay in different emotional states at different points in time till the buying process, they need to be treated differently. This is why there are different types of landing pages that deal on a psychological level. But if done wrongly, they easily affect negatively. You may seek expert’s help – https://digitalwhitelabels.com/services/ – if you have no idea of what you are doing.

Different types of Landing Pages!

You cannot just pull a person inside your ice cream shop, make him sit on the chair, serve him an ice cream soup, and then ask him to try it out and buy it out. No. It does not work. Similarly, you cannot just show the final product page to a potential customer when the person does not even have thought about it! It is a commercial sin! For this same reason, there are different sorts of landing pages.

Landing Pages that collect data!

These types of pages are to collect data like name, age, email, etc. The aim remains to initiate a start of a relationship for the long term. You might try calling the person later; you might send the person some valuable weekly newsletters; or you could use it for research.

  • A Lead Generation Landing Page is used to collect the required data through a form. This page should not be too dominant and should use soft psychological methodologies. If you walk up to a person and ask for contact information with lots of pleases, the person would run away like a chicken. You can try providing something valuable in exchange for information. Or you should be doing the manipulation work in the content of the article where the inbound link has come from.
  • A Squeeze Page is similar to a lead generation page but with a clear message that the person either can choose to go further in the sales process or go away. There must be both options available. It is like a person enters a shop, gets introduced to a salesman, and then the salesman uses a sentence or two and then asks, “Would you like me to show you those shoes?”

Landing Pages that lead potential customers to the product!

This is the stage where you have made sure that you have done enough work to create a sense of trust between your potential customers and your company. This is the stage where you speak to the person about why s/he must click on that final ‘buy now’ button.

  • A Click Through Landing Page is a page where you use a sweet and sublime advert to tell the person why s/he needs your services. Remove the form from a Lead Generation Landing Page and use that space to write an impactful message.
  • An Infomercial Landing Page is a replica of commercials where you advertise your product, its qualities, its uses, and how it will change the life of that person. You may use a life story or a video commercial.

The final landing page – Sales Page

The Sales Landing Page is where you list your products and services for your customers to buy. What you will want to do here is to not overdo it. Your whole tail of effort can fall down. You must trust the things you have done in the process till and use this page to walk your customers gracefully towards the final purchase.

The length of the Sales Page would vary according to the products or services you might list. However, you might not want to create a too-lengthy page. One thing you can do is to structure your products to bring ease to the buying process.

Qualities you must give to your landing pages to ensure their success!

Walk seas and seas and seas to bring in the customer, but if your landing pages are not right, the sale won’t happen. Landing pages must be made carefully. They must have certain qualities to them. For example, they must not be suspicious. Here are a few qualities of landing pages that you must take care of:

  • They are smooth and free of distraction.
  • They are not too dominant and intimidating.
  • Good landing pages provide something valuable in return.
  • They take care of the privacy of customers and ask for limited information.
  • These pages know the right audience type and do not hit-and-try.
  • They use white hat tactics and follow the guidelines.

Creating the perfect landing page takes a lot of effort and can backfire if done wrongly. Your whole investment might fall futile. This is why we suggest taking help from experts that know the elements of web design and development. You may check https://digitalwhitelabels.com/services/ for example. Their web design services have been phenomenal till – https://digitalwhitelabels.com/services/web-design/. If you already have someone who is into web design, then very fine.

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