A Quick Guide to Internet Advertising and Should You Use It?

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Internet has ushered in a completely new era of marketing. Today, more than 4 billion people use internet. All these users are connected and can be approached online to advertise your product. All you need is precise marketing and strategic targeting to generate huge conversions for your business.

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Types of Online Advertising – Internet advertising can be broadly compartmentalized into three categories viz. search, social, and display.

Search advertising

Search or paid search advertising refers to the ads that are present in the SERP as the search result of platforms like Google and Bing. So, whenever a user searches for something on the search engine, paid ads appear at the top. These are very intent-specific ads with the primary motive to sell services or products. All the web hosting business owners are recommended to follow best marketing tips to grow hosting business to widen their reach on the Internet.

You get huge traffic using these services because you appear as the first result answering what the user wants. Usually, the PPC model is followed in such ads wherein the advertiser pays to the search engine each time a user clicks on an ad regardless of the fact whether a lead is generated or not.

Paid Social media marketing

Social media marketing uses platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. as advertising platforms. The targeting in social media marketing is very precise because of the huge data pool that such platforms hold. They provide advertisers with a battery of targeting options like demographics, hobbies, etc.

However, unlike search advertising, the user intent is missing in social media marketing i.e., the users who are targeting are not actively looking for the products or services that you are selling.

Display advertising

You might have encountered small boxes appearing on the sides and at the top of websites that you visit. These are the display ads. Since they are very small in size as compared to other ads, they are aggressive forms of marketing and are aimed at generating a call to action.

They are effective mainly because they have the reach of a large number of websites because of the Google display networks.

Elements of Internet Advertising

1-    Landing page – landing page refers to that page that you reach when you click on a link. These are specifically designed to receive the traffic generated by the campaign. They are different from the homepage of the website as the homepage is designed so that your visitors may explore the brand. A homepage is not targeted to conversion generation.

However, the landing page is the page that is aimed at generating a conversion from the traffic.

2-    Sponsored content – Many times, advertisers choose to boost their exposure by sponsored content. They may range from Native advertising to social media sponsored content.

Advantages of Online Advertising

Huge coverage – Today, the internet is used by 4.3 billion people. This makes it a global phenomenon. Today, almost all people land on a search engine before buying any product or service. This makes the internet a platform with huge coverage and ideal for marketing.

Affordable advertising – Research shows that advertising on the internet is three times cheaper than the conventional ways of promotion. This expands the reach of online advertising to smaller businesses too who due to the paucity of resources, might not be able to advertise on traditional platforms.

Targeting – The chances of a conventional mode of marketing generating a conversion for you are very less since they target a small pool of mixed audiences. However, the internet can narrow the scope of advertising to only those users who are genuinely interested in availing of the services of your business. Thus, you save money and generate revenue at the same time.

It is measurable – the leads of online marketing, the efficacy of your targeting, the reach, etc. everything can be measured precisely. This offers you the benefit of re-thinking your strategy if you do not get the desired results. This privilege is not present in the traditional modes of marketing.


Internet marketing has brought drastic changes in the way businesses used to market and operate. The sooner you adopt new strategies, the better it is for your business.

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