Link Shortening: A Necessary Tool for Internet Marketers

Link Shortening


Link shortening tools are one of the most underestimated in the online world. A lot of people wonder what their practical uses are. Or what makes them necessary for online interactions.

But link shortening tools have a multitude of functions. And in this article, we’ll be mentioning one of those.

That would be email marketing.

The Art of Email Marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most important forms of advertising for any agency.

Email marketing lets you directly market to long-term clients. And it lets you reach out to new followers of your business.

When email marketing, you draw from a pool of long-term clients. And that’s where many businesses get their revenues from.

This means your email marketing needs to be eye-catching. And there are 2 ways to create eye-catching emails…

The 1st would be short texts. And the 2nd would be graphic emails.

Both Forms of Emails Require Short Texts.

Copywriting short text pieces isn’t a problem. The problem comes when you have to add a link to your email.

It could be any link. But most will be links to landing pages, or products.

And some pages tend to have long links. Specifically, links that look ugly in email copies, while taking up too much space.

This is where a link shortening tool comes in. You want a simple compressor tool to maintain the visuals of your email.

This is especially vital for graphic emails. Because every color matters. And the word positioning matters too.

You can’t risk ruining the design of your email with long ugly links.

Don’t Ruin the Design of Your Emails.

Keep your links short. And keep the designs of your email beautiful, and consistent.

After all, you’re competing for 10s of daily emails in your customer’s inbox. You must make sure that your email is the most attractive.

Shorten Links to Test Email Effectiveness.

Some web address shortener tools let you add analytic functions to the link.

In other words, you can track the click rate of the shortened link. And you get to see the conversions you get from email campaigns.

Do this with enough emails, and you’ll start to see patterns of effectiveness. Essentially, a simple link compressor tool lets you tell interesting from boring emails.

So they have the added function of optimizing your marketing style!

Start Using Link Shortening Now!

It’s a toolset that should be present in every marketer’s portfolio. A simple link compressor will improve the visuals of your emails, while tracking conversions!

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