deletes all traces of various online subscriber services

traces of various online subscriber services


Signing up for an online service is something we do so often that we lose track of all the websites we subscribe to. It is likely that you will remember that when they send you a promotional email. And, that’s clearly my case.

But, there are many online tools that can help you clean your presence on the web. A new tool that perfectly fulfills this task is Deseat.Me. The Deseat.Me  web application analyzes your email accounts to identify the services you have subscribed to . Then, it places them on a list to be deleted or retained.

Obviously, you are bound to worry about the future of your private data with such a service, especially after it has been revealed that was collecting the user’s personal data – it was a service that offered the same kind of functionality. But, does not collect your private data or sends it to the cloud , according to its developers.

So if you are looking to clean up your existence online by closing a host of services, this seems to be a pretty cool service.

Sign in with your Google or Outlook accounts

The use of is simple. All you have to do is go to Deseat.Me and log in with your Google or Outlook account. If you are already logged into your browser, you will not have to enter a username or password. You will be redirected to another page so that you can grant access to the Web application.

Select the accounts to “retain” and “delete”

Once you are logged in, you will see a list of “pending decision” websites. You must pass them one by one, selecting what you want to save and want to put in a “queue”.

The services added in this list will be placed on a different list with a link to the unsubscribe page of the site. If you click on the link, you will be redirected to the site so that you can delete your account. If you’re not sure you want to delete the site, you also have the option to disregard the link by tapping the yellow icon next to it.
A specific list will allow efficient processing of the services to be deleted

The disadvantage of the queue is that it does not provide links to the unsubscribe pages for all the websites to which you are registered. Only the most popular known sites have delete links (eg Apple, Digg, etc.).

Whether you delete links or not, it is always recommended to see the accounts you have opened on the Internet . If there is no link that redirects you to an unsubscribe page, you can study it yourself.

Deleting your account

If you want to delete your account because you have either deleted your accounts or you do not like the idea that it has access to your mailbox, you can do so by clicking on “Delete your account” at bottom of the page.

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