Matt Davies Stockton Explains How to Look Your Best on A Video Call

Your Best on A Video Call



According to Matt Davies Stockton, Zoom calls have become more frequent than ever and you’ve almost mastered the tech behind it. However, looking great in front of the camera can also help improve your social and professional life. Let’s figure out how you can look your best on a video call.

The Discussion

1. Change into proper attire

When you’re at home, no one is expecting you to dress for the gala night. However, turning on the camera in your jammies is quite unprofessional. You need to dress for the camera. That means choosing pastel or neutral shades of green or blue without a lot of exquisite patterns.

A shirt or a nice blouse in those colors without the suit looks amazing on computer cameras and gets rid of unnecessary reflections and shadows. You just need to worry about the upper wear and be comfortable in your shorts since the camera isn’t pointed that way.

2. Clean and tidy room

Your colleagues and superiors aren’t just going to watch you on the screen. They are also going to notice the background. That’s why it’s important to clear out the background mess and clutter. That means you need to get rid of toys, clothes, alcohol, paper, and other clutter from the background. If you’re in a pinch and short on time. Just clean up the area that’s captured in the camera frame. 

3. Set up lighting

Stunning makeup and a gorgeous outfit aren’t going to cut it if there’s no light to show it off. If you’re attending Zoom meetings in the morning, make sure that your setup faces away from the sun. Open up all the shades and blinds to allow plenty of natural light and light the room along with your face.

At night, the bulb or lamp in your room may not provide enough artificial light. You can fix this by buying an inexpensive ring light. Attach the right light to the camera and allow it to illuminate your face. Make sure to buy a ring light with warm tones to mimic natural light. 

4. Put your camera at eye level and use some software magic

It’s important to position the camera at your eye level so that it can capture great details at a natural angle. Too high and people mostly see your forehead. Too low and people get familiar with your double chin.

That‘s why you need the camera at eye level and look at it during the video call. You can also use some software magic to enhance your look. Enable Zoom’s “touch up my appearance” feature and allow the software to create a more polished look for the audience.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to look your best on video conference calls. Clothes, camera angle, and lighting make a lot of difference. While sitting in your PJs in a dimly lit room may be comfortable, looking good in proper attire and artificial lighting can make a lot of difference.

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