Moto G7 Power Issues and Tips to Fix Them!

Moto G7 Power Issues and Tips to Fix Them!


Smartphones these days face some common power issues. However, these problems are minor many timesand we can fix those with few easy tweaks and tricks. It is time to take a sneak peek into the problems and how they can be remedied.

A heating problem on the device

If the phone has a problem of rising temperature, you can take a few precautions.

  • You should not let your phone on charge for an indefinite time. If it has attained full charge, you should unplug the device.
  • You should make it a habit not to use your phone while it is on the charge. This could be one of the reasons behind the heating issue.
  • Playing games for too long could be another reason. Make sure you give enough break to the device.
  • Also, ensure to turn off your data and GPS when you are not using them. These features consume power continuously.
  • Make sure that you do not have too many power-hungry apps operating simultaneously.

A poor battery life

If you are facing a battery issue, then there are a few steps that you can follow.

  • Don’t use any third-party app that claims to clear your cache.
  • You should turn on the power-saving mode on the device. This is a good option provided by the manufacturer that optimizes battery usage.
  • Do not keep location services on when not in use.
  • You should not have too many apps that require background services. Also, you could turn off the ‘background process access’ for those apps.

A sluggish user interface on the device

Your device’s interface might suffer from some sluggishness. You can take the following steps:

  • You should avoid any third-party launcher. After this, you need to perform a hard reboot.
  • If the problem still occurs, you can do a factory reset. However, you would need to takea backup of your data.
  • If the interface of your Moto phone still lags, you can visit Motorola Service Center and get the operating system reinstalled.

Unexpected shutting down or restart

The issue is common among Android smartphones. There are a few options for you.

  • This issue can be an aftermath of the heating issue. You should take care of the heating first.
  • Make it a practice to charge your phone to a maximum and only recharge when the phone is completely out of battery.
  • The last option could be a factory reset. Manually restore the data afterward.

A frozen screen on the device

If you are facing this problem, try these few hacks.

  • If this happens only in case of a particular app, it might be the fault of that particular application.
  • If you are facing this problem with the default apps, you can try clearing the cache for that app.
  • You could even try doing a hard reboot.

These are some of the most common issues smartphone users may face. The best solutions are provided, as well.

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