Secure, Dedicated Webhosting for WordPress

Dedicated Webhosting


Dedicated WordPress hosting means dedicating an entire server just for your website. There are many options when it comes to hosting your WordPress website. For example, shared hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting services. The disadvantage of shared hosting is sharing resources with other accounts on your server and having limited control over server-level settings. Thus, the most secure and effective option is Dedicated Webhosting. Choosing this service reserves an entire physical server for your WordPress website. You have complete privacy and resources dedicated to your needs.

Ensuring Fast, Reliable, and Dedicated Webhosting

Cybersecurity is more needed now than ever before. We keep hearing about data breaches and encryption hacking. Security breaches compromise “sensitive” personal information on websites. Our data is most vulnerable and hence we need a secure domain. As such, dedicated Webhosting offers a variety of features to safeguard your data. Let’s look at what to consider while choosing the right Webhost for your website.

Know your needs

With so many options available, one can get confused about what to choose and what not to choose. Weigh all your options and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Process for Domain purchasing and registration
  • Evaluate the host security features
  • Check if support services match your requirements
  • Handling Bandwidth for the best possible experience

Check uptime

The last thing you want is to lose customers because of website failures and glitches. Ensuring a secure website is essential, as it prevents your website from running slowly even during peak hours and allows maximum uptime. Utmost importance must be given to server speed and uptime while choosing a Webhost.

Control panels and Configuration 

Before committing to a dedicated Webhost, one must consider the core control panels and ensure they align with your requirements. These include the type of server, what storage space is provided, and the exact RAM storage offered. You can also choose between managed and unmanaged servers based on your experience. However, dedicated hosting provides a control panel that you can manage by yourself.

Website optimisation

A dedicated Webhost comes with a large amount of storage space, which means that the capacity to handle traffic is also abundant. At the same time, it also provides you with the ability to optimize your website images and videos for fast loading. Adding keywords and optimized images increases your website’s chances to rank in search engines.

Enhanced Security and flexibility

A dedicated hosting platform will allow you to install security measures such as “firewall configurations and anti-virus” that help secure the data better. With shared servers, you are limited to resources and software. But with a dedicated server, you can customize disk space, software, and CPU to match your website requirements.


A Dedicated Webhost gives you more advantages when compared to a shared Webhost. Although it requires slightly higher investment, it ensures better safety and reliability. It is flexible and can be customized as per your needs. It gives a sense of personalization, and you can access it anytime. Along with these features, dedicated Webshosts providers have 24/7 customer service which makes sure that your website is always running.

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