The Role of Leadership in Driving Digital HR Transformation

Digital HR Transformation


The rise of technology has changed the working manner of organisations. Before the rise of technologies and their usage to this extent, digital leadership has never been more important. Everybody requires a talented technology lover workforce to look after their digital operations so that they keep themselves updated on every new happening in the market. Otherwise, they will be left behind.

The chances that your competitors are already diving into the pool of the latest trends and will be upgrading themselves soon is very high. Thus, good leaders must know themselves and the industry well to lead the organisation.

A leader has lots of responsibility as they need wit, creativity, and a vision for the future of the organisation they are working for. Leaders have an evolving mindset that always looks for a way to perform everything in a better way, like the change of strategies and processes of performing work, and updating people-centric software from time to time if needed.

Having these regular changes toward the path of digital HR transformation doesn’t affect the workforce as they are now in the habit of this culture.

A good leader has to find a technique for leading and supporting a mix of tech and humans. As a team leader, you have to find ways that work best for each individual. So read the blog post ahead and know the role of leadership in driving this transformation across the board.

Digital HR Transformation Framework

Leaders can follow the listed framework for digital HR transformation in their organisations:

  • Digitising communication channels: A communication channel integrated with HRMS software in India is much needed to connect employees. So, the digitisation of a company can be achieved by moving communication channels into the digital space. This way, employees get to know each other and have a platform on which they can share their ideas.
  • Digitising customer experience: The customer is the most precious asset for the company, so depriving them of digitising is not fair enough. Now, customers also want new engagement with the developing technology.
  • Digitising operations of the company: Customer experience can be digitised, only when the operations are digitised in the company. It helps in increasing the market value of the company. Digitising and streamlining help companies survive in multiple markets and provide a competitive edge.
  • Digitising products & services: Selling a particular product or service is not limited to traditional marketing. The best results of the demand will be seen when the company offers its service or product online on various portals. The use of smarter technology like uKnowva HRMS makes companies grow beyond expectations. The best way to make your product and service high in demand is by making it customised for your clients.

Role of Leader in Digital HR Transformation

1. Prioritising communication and influence

Employee burnout happens when there is unclear communication or employees don’t understand the company’s vision. They get lost in the unplanned digital HR transformation. So, to avoid an employee burnout situation in your company, you must hire a leader that has excellent communication skills so that they can clear the doubts of the employees.

Taking everyone along during the HR digital transformation is a very big responsibility that a leader must fulfil efficiently.

But don’t worry, with an efficient leader, you can also have an expert like uKnowva’s social intranet that makes communication smooth between employees and managers. It is a platform where employees can chat with each other and their managers. They get an update about all the happenings in the company on the platform itself.

2. Effective collaboration with other leaders and across teams

The working of inter-departments gets affected during the digital HR transformation. It requires leaders to collaborate with other departments in many situations. Therefore, a leader needs to harp on collaborative skills to make the network more agile.

Redefining roles and responsibilities to everyone after new emerging technologies, as the two different teams haven’t worked together before this, becomes a critical situation. So, a leader needs a growth mindset, the ability to search for innovation and change, and effective collaboration skills to ensure a bright future for the company.

3. Look after employees’ needs during the HR transformation

Everybody has their own pace to adjust to a changing situation. Digital transformation brings a lot of confusion and uncertainty with itself when it is not initiated with the help of a smart HRMS.

Generally, companies transform themselves to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance work productivity. However, employees see it as a decision of replacing them with someone better, like advanced machines or automated tools.

Here the leader has to give them assurance that they are not going to be fired. But this is done to make their life easier. They must have the skill to make them understand and train them wisely and make them see it as an opportunity rather than as a threat.

4. Keep the method that works well

The sudden and complete change in the company takes time to be accepted by employees. So, rather than going digitally across all departments, try to keep it partial.

Don’t change the functional areas that work perfectly fine in your company, like conventional management. But only if they work efficiently and give satisfactory results. Sometimes the operational area is going well enough and doesn’t require any change, so a leader must know the areas that need to be transformed and which do not.


HR leaders mostly know how to deal with the challenges that come with digital HR transformation. We need to know the answer to the questions. Leaders must sharpen their leadership skills on smarter HRMS software platforms in India that provide ample time to prove themselves so that they can have a deeper knowledge to be part of the change.

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