Speed test – what is it?

Speed test


But let’s start with the basics and explain the question asked in the subtitle. In simplest terms, speed testing measures the speed of your internet connection in two planes: download and upload, connecting to the nearest server. The aim is to squeeze as much performance out of your connection as possible, while giving you the most important information in text form. It should be noted, however, that the best result may differ from the information contained in the contract, but we will return to this point later in the text.

Speed test

The approximate information that the speed test will provide you with will allow you to be sure that the speeds achieved are close to those shown in the contract with the provider. It is good practice to do the test more than once, and at different times of the day. It can also be a good idea to use several different speed tests – remember that depending on the type, a particular test may focus on presenting different data.

Internet speed – is it worth checking it regularly?

It could be with when you look at many different providers but in terms of Atlantek Fibre Broadband and choosing their fantastic fibre broadband packages of up to 1000Mbps you might sleep safe! Paying for a particular service, we expect the highest possible quality of operation – this should not surprise anyone. Therefore, it is worth getting into the habit of regularly checking the speed of our connection. This will allow us to react if the quality of service deteriorates and will save us from wondering “why is this YouTube video loading so slowly”.

The situation of a slower connection is often independent of the service provider (e.g. due to works, network renovations, etc.) or it is our fault (we will come back to this point). In the first case, before intervening, it is a good idea to visit the website of our ISP. All the most important information about problems and planned failures will be easily accessible there.

Factors affecting Internet speed

Internet speed will never be equal to the value written in the contract. It is a kind of acceptable inconvenience that the actual values will fluctuate around what is on paper. However, sometimes the speed is so slow that we cannot load a single page. What can effectively slow down your connection?

Too many browser operations

Operating on dozens of tabs open at the same time is a common practice these days. A practice that effectively stifles your connection, which in turn slows down your capabilities. Limiting the number of open tabs will be an effective remedy to improve your link performance.


We are talking about the neighbour who uses the benefits of your Wi-Fi connection completely uninvited. This is one of the reasons for slow internet in flat blocks. Without security with a strong password, sooner or later, a network will find someone willing to use its services.

Old network card drivers/old model router

The network card itself may be throttling your connection if it is using outdated drivers. A system update will help, although if the problem is the router itself, it will require a little more work. Check your router’s drivers and configure your ports correctly. This may vary slightly depending on the model of router you have. When you log into the hardware admin panel, we’ll make sure everything is set up properly (for example, according to the ISP’s instructions).

It’s also worth noting that the age of the router and the range it covers also play a big part. That’s why every single fibre broadband package from Atlantek Fibre Broadband comes with a brand new high performance router that covers a typical house 100%. Replacing an older model with something newer can have many benefits. Let’s also make sure that the range itself isn’t limited by the configuration – many models are factory-set with the lowest possible signal. Changing the settings will improve the work of devices that are located far from the router’s location.

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