Top 10 Digital Transformation Companies In The UAE 2022

Transformation Companies


The IT infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates has seen significant progress since 2010. Moreover, the country is expected to become one of the major tech giants in the world by 2025. Below we have listed some of the most important digital transformation companies in the UAE, that are contributing to this growth in 2022.


Diceus has been developing software that meets a variety of clients’ business needs for 8 years. During this time they have accomplished 105 projects in mobile and web development, design, testing and QA, IT consulting and audit, as well as support and maintenance.


EDC is one of the best digital transformation companies, focused on transforming UAE into a digital smart region. It provides a wide range of digital transformation services, including conversation AI, customer experience management, enterprise content management, and digital trust solutions. As one of the top digital transformation companies in the UAE, EDC develops flexible and insight-driven solutions.

Appetite Creative Solutions

Appetite Creative Solutions is a digital experience studio, which aims to connect brands to their customers. They specialize in delivering connected brand experiences through innovative technology. Their solutions help advertisers optimize marketing, drive sales, and better understand audiences.

Hello Pixels

Hello Pixels is another digital agency in the UAE, which specializes in utilizing modern tools and techniques to make a huge difference in a variety of businesses. They offer a full spectrum of digital solutions, including web development and digital marketing, ensuring exceptional value for money.


SoluLab is one of the top blockchain companies, which has partnered with a number of high-growth start-ups, such as Walt Disney, Goldman Sachs, Mercedes Benz, and more. Their software solutions provide a wide array of services to both small and large enterprises alike.

Digital Graphiks

Digital Graphiks is a growing digital transformation company, which specializes in web design, ecommerce development, digital marketing, logo design, and graphic design. They have taken a data-driven marketing approach, which has helped them maintain a focus on client projects.

The Nine Hertz

The Nine Hertz is an ever-growing mobile development and web development company. They help clients identify risks and opportunities in relation to both short-term challenges and long-term value creation. Since 2008, they have developed apps for the world’s most inventive brands, among them a few award-winning iPhone and Android apps. is a highly professional digital company, which delivers complex mobile and web solutions to different clients. They have branches in Europe, Asia, and North America, and as a result, their experience includes a lot of successfully implemented projects for clients all over the world.

Yellow Branding

Yellow Branding is a branding agency in Dubai, which has helped plenty of businesses start, grow, and thrive there. They have created strategic platforms, focused on enabling brands to build long-lasting connections with their audiences. In addition, they manage brands both online and offline.

WebClues InfoTech

WebClues InfoTech has created plenty of websites and applications for various industries. Apart from web and mobile development, their work involves UI/UX development and marketing. Their teams of marketing experts include brand managers, SEO specialists, and content writers, whose efforts help companies of all sizes build their online presence and offer value to customers.

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