Are you visiting Vienna First Time? Read our 5 Tips to save time and Money

visiting Vienna First Time


Vienna city is the capital of Austria, the landlocked country in central Europe bothering eight countries. Austria is famous for its gorgeous architectures and sculptures, museums that exhibit some of the best works of art in the world and beautiful cafes. Because the city encourages tourism, it grows expensive by the day and hence this article that will give tourists insight on how best to save on a visit to Vienna. For more visit Volvo  Contract Hire.

Buy ticket because transportation is expensive

In Vienna, transportation is quite expensive and at the same time effective.  If you are on a tight budget visit to Vienna, you will end up walking more than you will use the transportation system there because of the cost. The cost of transportation is as follows:

Single ticket: €2.20 (€ 1.10 for children)

24-hour Vienna ticket: €7.60

48-hour Vienna ticket: €13.30

72-hour Vienna ticket: €16.50

If all your sightseeing will take you a day, then it is best to purchase the day ticket but if you will spend up to a week in the city catching fun and doing all the sightseeing you can, then a weekly ticket is better at the rate of €16.20 which runs from Monday to Monday. If you must use a private taxi at all, call on Uber, it by far cheaper than the regular cab. Learn more about the city, its transportation system and the costs by clicking here.

Tip is inclusive in meal cost

Tipping is a part of the meal in Austria (as it is in most part of greatly toured cities of the world anyways). When you order a meal, be sure to add your tip to whatever the cost of the meal is when paying. Waiter will always feel they have not served you well enough if they don’t get a tip. You must be ready to tip even if you order a €2 Coca-Cola. Whatever your bill is, just get a 10% of it and give it as a tip to the waiter. For more visit Volvo  Used Cars.

Get a Vienna pass

This is another great way to save money. If you must visit museums in Vienna, you must pay for entry ticket and these tickets are as high as €10 for the cheapest you can get. So if you are a museum lover, you might spend a little above €80 visiting museums alone. But there is a way to save money and the way is to get a Vienna pass. The Vienna pass covers entry into most of Vienna’s museums as well as metro, buses and trams. You can get passes for 1 day, 2 days, 3 and 6 days ranging from €59 to €124. Most fashion shops and supermarket do no operate on Sundays so, take note and do not waste your money transporting yourself to uch places when they are already closed. You should checkout all the amazing site in Vienna by making use of the Vienna Tourist attractions map

Drink the tap water

If there is one thing that is totally free in Vienna, it is the tap water. If you opt for the bottled water, you will end up spending a whole of money on water that you are supposed to get for free. Save money by drinking the portable water available almost everywhere within the city. Drinking the tap water will also help you minimize buying water with gas in the supermarkets.

Hop-on Hop-off bus tour

The hop-on hop-off us in Vienna has 50 stops through 6 routes. The buses provide free Wi-Fi on board for tourists to take selfie and share with friends back home instantly via social media. The bus tour ticket also grant you access to the walk tours and you can even combine your hop-on hop-off bus tour with a boat ride on the Danube canal, the Vienna Ring Tram or even get a transfer to the Vienna airport. Click here for Vienna bus tours comparison . There is also audio guide available in 16 different languages.

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