Important Features that Measure the Progress of Business

Progress of Business


In today’s scenario, a business surviving without a digital presence is totally out of question. Without a website, they might not even consider you!

A website is the guide and support system for businesses’ growth and progress. Establishing a global presence, maintaining a strong customer relationship, cost effective strategies for social media marketing, PPC advertising, etc. are some of the major advantages a business can enjoy with an effective web design in Dubai.

The basic goal of every business is to boost sales and revenue which is dependent upon the customers. Hence, it’s important to closely analyze the customer behavior and preferences.

There are many web analytical tools that help to analyze and measure the impact of it on the business. Basically, these tools convert the data from the website into metrices from which, meaningful insights can be interpreted.

The following metrics are important features that measure the progress of a business. Basically, an increase in the following trends indicates a progressing business.

SERP ranking

Organic search traffic

Website traffic

Conversion rate

Customer’s lifetime value

Value per visit

Page views

Average session duration

Interactions per visit

Return visitor conversion

There are also a couple of metrics, the decline in which indicates inadequate or no progress in the business –

Bounce rate

Lead generation costs

Closer observation of these metrics shows you where your business stands. It is easy for one to shape their business strategies, social media marketing and PPC advertising plans and analyze the effects regularly with the help of these metrices. Hence, it’s best to keep an eye on these analytical tools and monitor the progress of your business.

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